2 Working Roulette Strategies That May Change Your Fortune

Interestingly, many roulette players turn to the internet to search for strategies on how to win. An exciting topic that leads down a rabbit hole and seemingly, most of them point to more losses. The question remains, why would anyone share a multimillion secret for free?

Here, the idea is not to excite anyone; it is about showing you how to make calculated moves while having a good time. First, keep off those American roulettes. Those devices are notorious for syphoning money from unsuspecting punters because they are probably rigged to favour the house. On the other hand, European roulettes are slightly better.

These are the two concepts that all the strategies base their arguments.

Progressive betting

Progressive strategies are about increasing (doubling) your bet every time you play. The plan comes with a ton of risks – win big or lose it all. After all, that is the whole point of gambling. Examples of such strategies include the Martingale, Fibonacci, and Paroli systems. It does not matter if you lose or win a bet, the important thing is to identify a lucky number. Then select several other numerals that surround it on either side for your next bets.

Nonprogressive betting

If you find progressive betting too risky, then choose a strategy from the non-progressive systems. They require you to maintain your betting at a certain level with only slight changes when necessary. An example of such a system is the notoriously detailed James Bond Roulette strategy. As the name suggests, Bond used the approach in his movies and books. Its details cover more than half the table, including the zero.

In the end, all the strategies lead to losses, but there is an illegal roulette computer that promised results and delivered. However, if you are caught using one, you face jail time.