The Pros and Cons of a Welcome Casino Bonus

There is something about free stuff that excites people, and casino knows it all too well. Notably, online casinos are especially good at offering fantastic welcome bonuses. From the tunes of 100% to a staggering 500% of your initial deposit.

Does that sound too good to be true? (Maybe). It just beats logic how a casino could remain in business if all their doing is multiplying first-time user’s deposits when they meet specific wagering requirements. Unless they know something, gamers don’t.

Here are some pros and cons about welcome bonuses.

The pros

Ideally, welcome bonuses are meant to lure new punters to sign up and deposit funds. When you have 100 Euros to spend on roulette (or any other game for that matter), a decent online casino will multiply it with 200% to make your final deposit 300 Euros. Of course, that assures you of more fun times ahead.

Using your ballooned balance, you can try out different games and decide if you like them or not. It will cushion you from the rookie mistakes that you are most likely to make. Besides, you stand a chance to win free money if you are lucky enough.

The cons

Just like most things in life, welcome bonuses have their fair share of drawbacks. The first one being the restrictions that come with them as the house shields itself from loses. So, there is a limit to the amount you can place on each bet. As a move to eliminate the chances of people winning the jackpot using a bonus.

The bottom line is that you need to be extremely careful before involving yourself with any casino bonuses – there is always a string attached. Alternatively, you can opt out and place bets on your initial deposit amount, but that sounds like yet another bad idea.