Everything You Need to Know About Sticky Bonuses

Previously, casino games had the reputation of robing punters blind. A fact that brought negative press to this relatively enjoyable and classy pastime. However, the stakeholders crafted a way to reverse the trend by rewarding their loyal clients through carefully crafted bonuses. An excellent example is a sticky bonus. Here, the casino multiplies your initial deposit by 200% or more. And you can use it to bet on any of the available games.

What you need to know about sticky bonuses

Let’s face it; free things always have some strings attached. For example, if you deposit 100 Euros and receive a 200% bonus, your casino balance will read 300 Euros (it couldn’t get any better). Ideally, you have just tripled your chances of winning, but that’s not all. In case you thought you could withdraw the bonus after a few loses, think again. This bonus is deducted from your account immediately you initiate a withdrawal.

The difference between a sticky bonus and the traditional rewards

A non-stick reward is a distant cousin to the sticky bonuses. The main difference between the two is the withdrawable nature of the non-sticky rewards. It gives the players an edge; they can withdraw their initial deposits after a few losses then continue to enjoy Free roulette till the balance runs out. But the non-sticky bonus’s value is lower (100%) compared to the sticky rewards that tend to range between 200% and 400% of the initial deposit.

How to use a sticky bonus to your advantage

Money management and gambling strategies are the secrets behind all successful punters. So, a sticky premium does not necessarily mean that you need to make more substantial bets. It only gives you a chance to play more of your favourite game. Finally, avoid strategies that tend to ask you to double your bets after losing. You might end up spending more than you can afford.