2 Reasons Why Casinos Swear by Loyalty Bonuses

Studies have revealed that emotions influence signups and deposits in casinos – considering that gambling is more of a desire than a need. That’s why casinos (both online and land-based) use loyalty programs to reward their long-term clients. In doing so, they hope to tap into the emotions of the users and lure them to come back for more.

Astonishingly, only 3% of first-time punters return to the same casino despite the cost of acquiring them. And that begs the question, why? It seems that players abandon casino accounts for different reasons, starting from negative experiences to the fine print and everything between them. Ideally, these reasons are the definition of a casino’s nightmares.

So, why do casinos swear by loyalty bonuses?

Securing long-term clients

Today, punters have numerous options because there is always a new online casino popping up every other day. The result? A price and bonus race to the bottom. With the established brands having the edge. In a bid to avoid burning out, they have adopted loyalty programs that tend to offer value to their clients. That way, they retain customers by rewarding them regularly, and they don’t have to drop prices too often.

To create brand ambassadors

Everyone agrees that being on the receiving end of appreciation rocks! For example, some casinos add loyalty points to your account every time you play your favourite game. The points accumulate with time, and you can redeem them for free spins or other exciting bonuses. Others might let you convert the points into withdrawable money or top up your casino balance. Either way, there is free money going around for loyal members.

A happy customer will most likely share their experience with a friend, and that is the whole point of the loyalty bonus. But before getting involved, please read the T&Cs carefully, you might be surprised by what you find.